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Tutto is the newest restaurant from acclaimed restaurateur Razak Helalat. The restaurant takes pride of place on the ground floor of a beautifully restored 1930's former bank on Marlborough Place, Brighton, and features nostalgic and innovative Italian cooking.


Tutto is built on Italian food memories – ours and yours. You will find all the things you love about eating and drinking in Italy.


2022 Brighton, United Kingdom


Brand strategy, naming, brand identity, project management, creative direction, signage, print, typography, brand applications


Good Noise Design and Branding Agency 

Photography by Thomas Alexander

Tutto logo
Tutto dish
Tutto Menu
Tutto Business Card

Making time to cook and eat together forms an integral pillar of Italian culture. It is the perfect moment to catch up, share a laugh and enjoy the company of loved ones. The name Tutto - meaning “all” or “everything” - was inspired by the simple yet essential ritual of bringing people together over a meal.


The theme of bringing different people together also inspired the use of mixed fonts in the Tutto logo, which helps to convey the sense of welcoming warmth and light-hearted charm that the brand represents.

Tutto Restaurant
Tutto Assets
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