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Marketing Campaign for the BC Parks Foundation

The Patches Project is a marketing campaign for the BC Parks Foundation created by myself, Emma Brickstock, in collaboration with Liam Binnema and Leonie Weiss. Our campaign competed against others, and was ultimately chosen as the winning pitch. The campaign’s goal is to raise awareness for the BC Parks Foundation, as well as inspire donations that are needed to protect, enhance and sustain British Columbia’s parks.  


After months of working alongside the BC Parks Foundation, we rolled out the Patches Project in the Spring of 2019, which was a huge success. The first round of patches sold out in just a couple of weeks and were eventually sold at MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) stores around British Columbia. 


My role was to ideate and synthesize the concept of the Patches Project, research manufacturing methods and costs, as well as finalize the patch designs. I have now designed over twenty patches representing various Provincial Parks and iconic landmarks all over British Columbia. I have also been involved in the photography used for marketing collateral. 


The patches can be found at MEC stores around British Columbia as well as

Creative Direction, Marketing, Project Management, Fabrication Design, Embroidery Digitizing 

December 2018 - Present 

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